Week 7 Weekend game reports County Upper

Week 7 Weekend game reports County Upper

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U14 Girls:

This weekend County Upper U14 girls took on the Northampton Titans at home. In a big match up between the teams CU managed to come out on top with a big 4th quarter, winning the game 73 – 60.

Starting slow County Upper let the Titans take a 4 – 0 lead early before responding with a 6 – 0 run of their own. Taking time to adjust both teams then began to traded baskets ending the quarter tied at 10 points each.

To start the second quarter both teams traded baskets up until the 4th minute when County turned up the tempo on offence and locked up the Titans on defence for a 4 minute stretch allowing the home team to go on a 11 – 2 run opening a 10 point lead 27 – 17 with 2 minutes remaining in the half. Trading baskets in the final minutes County Upper managed to take a nine point lead into half time 32 – 23.

After half time County Upper opened with a quick 6 points extending their lead to 15 points 38 – 23. However foul trouble hit CU letting the Titans stormed back into the game with a 14 – 2 run cutting County Uppers lead to just three points 40 – 37. Forced to take a time out, County Upper responded by settling the ship and finishing the quarter holding a small three point lead 49 – 46.

The last quarter started well for the home side as they went on a 4 – 0 run; however the Titans would just not go away as they went on a 10 – 4 run closing County Uppers lead to just one point 57 – 56. Foul trouble struck the Titans in the 5th minute of the forth quarter allowing County Upper to find their earlier form and closed out the game on a 16 – 4 run.

Four County Upper players scored double digits in the game. Leading the scoring effort was Lizzy Sanders with 20 points, and supporting her was Georgia Tansley, Grace Spooner, and Alex Popova with 18, 16 and 11 points respectively.

CU will next be in action this weekend having two games, the first being away VS Oakland’s in St Albans on Saturday and the second game being at home VS Norfolk on Sunday.

U14 Boys:

The U14 Boys took on a strong Luton team this weekend. Although having a wobble in the third quarter, County Upper battled back in the 4th nearly pulling out the win, but unfortunately falling agonisingly short 75 – 85. Playing some great offence on the night it was defence which let CU down allowing Luton to outscore the home team.

The first quarter started well for County Upper as they stormed ahead on a 7 – 4 run but Luton hit back to back 3 pointers starting a 10 – 2 run for the visitors as they opened a 6 point lead with 3 minutes left to play. Both teams traded baskets for the remainder of the quarter which ended with Luton up by 8 points 16 – 24.

The second quarter had Luton surging ahead as they bombarded CU for the first 7 minutes with a 14 – 5 run increasing their lead to 17 points 38 – 21. Taking a time out County Upper responded well chipping away at Luton’s lead with a 9 – 3 run of their own, cutting the lead to 11 points leading into half time 30 – 41.

The 3rd quarter started well for CU as they cut Luton’s lead to just 9 points 34 – 43, but the visitors then put together another blistering push in the next 5 minutes with a 26 – 7 run blowing the game wide open. Now holding a 28 points lead 41 – 69 Luton looked dominant and untouchable, but after a time out taken by County Upper with 7 minutes to play the home team responded with a 7 – 2 run to finish the quarter closing the gap to 22 points 48 – 71.

The first two minutes of the forth quarter saw Luton surge a head again with a 6 – 0 run increasing their lead to 29 points 48 – 77 with only 7 minutes remaining in the game. After another time out County Upper began their comeback, with the offence and defence seeming to click together all of a sudden and firing on all cylinders they began to compete, for 4 minutes CU put together a 14 – 0 run cutting Luton’s lead to 15 points 62 – 77 forcing Luton to take a time out. Coming out of the time out Luton began to trade baskets with County Upper for the next two minutes, leading into the last minute of the game CU stepped up one more gear finishing the game with an 11 – 2 run cutting deep into Luton’s lead but unfortunately just a little bit too much too late for the win.

Four County Upper players got into double digits in this game. Leading the scoring effort was Freddie Barber with 14 points, and supporting him was Isaac Campbell, Tom Roberts and Ethan Doward with 11, 11 and 10 points respectively.

County Upper will next be in action this weekend when they take on Bucks Hornets at home.

U16 Boys:

The U16 Boys were at home this weekend as they faced Shoeburyness in their sixth home game of the season. However for only the 4th time this season CU had a full lineup allowing the home team to play some brilliant basketball both offensively and defensively as they dismantled the Scorpions 82 – 46.

County Upper set the scene in the first with a powerful 19 – 8 performance locking the Scorpions up on defence. In the last 5 minutes of the quarter CU held the Scorpions to only 2 points while scoring 13 of their own.

CU continued to pressure the Scorpions during the first 9 minutes of the second quarter only allowing Southend to score 5 points while putting 14 points on the board and extending their lead to 20 points 33 – 13. With a quick 8 – 5 run in the last minute before half time the Scorpions closed the gap to 17 points leading into the break 38 – 21.

After the half County Upper began to put together some great offencive and defencive performances locking the Scorpions up again in the first 7 minutes only allowing 6 points to be scored while putting 20 point on the board them selves extending their lead to 30 points 58 – 28. Unable to maintain their momentum CU eased back into trading baskets wtih the visitors and closing out the 3rd quarter up by 32 points 66 – 34.

With the game all but won County Upper ran the bench in the 4th quarter, trading baskets and finishing out the game winning by 37 points.

Four County Upper players got into double digits in this game. Leading the scoring effort was Luca Beadle with 23 points, and supporting him was Josh Hales, Brandon Marshall, and Cameron Poolton with 17, 14 and 11 points respectively.

CU will next be in action this weekend when they take on the Brentwood Leopards at home.

U16 Girls:

The County Upper U16 girls team travel to Thurrock Hornets this weekend looking to improve after tow lost this season. The team travel with seven players while missing two key player, Eleanor Jones and Chloe Manning and picking Faith Ennis-Bugg and Georgia Tansley from the U14 team.

The game got off to a very slow start for County falling behind 20-5 at the end of the first quarter. County could not get their offence going and had to play a zone to help keep reserve energy with a small team.

In the second quarter started to find their offence and were training 32- 17 at the half. In the third quarter, not giving up and fighting, county show great improvement and courage playing a hard zone defence and out rebound Thurrock. With the offence finally kicking-in and Megan Utting taking the lead on the court, County pulled within eight point of Thurrock. Sadly Molly Owen and Suzie Reid picked up injuries in the third quarter which left the team shorthanded with players.

Taking advantage of the injuries County picked up and the lack of players on the bench, Thurrock pulled away in the fourth quarter winning 66-40.

The team played well and again showed their skill and fitness, I am proud of what they achieved and I am looking forward to seeing them improved over the season. Once we have a full healthy team I am expecting good things to come.

County was led in scoring by Megan Utting with 18 point, and who was supported by Rebecca Stevens and Emily Roach with 9 points and 4 points Respectively.

The U16 Girls will next be in action this weekend when they take on Brighton away.