We can definitely say it’s been a strange time! With seasons cut short and playing restrictions, this year is one to remember. Especially the U19 Girls missing out on their National Finals. On the 16th of March 2020 we all had to face lockdown which meant no Basketball for any of us.. However with a gradual decrease in harsh guidelines and potentially many mental breakdowns we all had to suffer without basketball, WSW got back to playing on outside courts. This was level three of the government guidelines. The June heat hit us on those outside courts, as well as the cardio; we will never take nets on a hoop and a good backboard for granted again! But none of the less, it was still an adventure and an experiment we will all remember.

We began lockdown with ‘Level 5’ and as you can see we were quite limited. Hopefully we will never have to go back to these circumstances. Following after on the 13th of May level 4 began, the guidelines were still strict, however there was an addition of outdoor courts. This was also when the majority of us came out of lockdown and other harsher restrictions stopped. Level 3 began on the 4th of June with public gatherings up to 6 which WSW took advantage of. We began weekly outdoor sessions for our players and it was brilliant to get back to playing. It’s not until level 2 that we can use indoor courts and play with contact- social distancing removed.

Coach Johnson added, “Since mid March it’s been a strange time, a struggle for us as coaches and I’m sure for our players. Having everything taken away so suddenly makes you appreciate normal every day-to-day life. Now being allowed back on the court albeit in stages and with guidance, has been a breath of fresh air. Seeing the players again and to be able to coach gives us all something new to aim for, especially now in Level 2 will allow us all to hopefully play games and have our season…”

So now we are going into level 2. Back to inside courts and 1v1! Starting on the Third of August, our players will nearly be playing like normal, just with plenty of hand sanitiser. Stay posted for anymore updates from your coaches, because next season is about to get exciting… #WOLFPACK

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