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We never thought the day would come but our 2020-21 season is here (well.. almost)! The recent news article posted by Basketball England on Wednesday the 26th of August explained when our leagues will begin as of now, but flexibility is still needed because of these unpredictable times regarding the Coronavirus.

Basketball England announced, ‘At present, there is a provisional plan in place for the season to begin as follows:  

  • NBL Division One – 24/25 October 2020 
  • All other NBL and WNBL divisions – 17/18 October 2020 
  • Jnr. NBL – 7/8 November 2020 ‘

They also explained why the staggered start to the season was necessary. “The intention for this staggered start to proceedings is to help with venue availability across the country, and starting the new Jnr. NBL season from November will allow schools and educational sites time to begin the new year before gaining the confidence to potentially open their facilities after October half-term.”

Additionally, they included potential playoff dates from the season 2019-20. This will take place considering this season (2020-21) runs smoothly without any ‘major issues’, and if this was the case the playoff dates would have to be rescheduled to a later date. The Senior NBL Playoffs have been arranged on 24/25 April 2021, and the Jnr. Final Fours on 1/2 May 2021. ‘Should the season be delayed or paused for any reason, there is the possibility to shift these dates back as required’ Basketball England added. 

At West Suffolk Wolves we have teams for all ages groups. This season we will be entering these teams: U12 girls and boys, U14 girls and boys, U16 girls and boys, U18 Boys and finally our Senior Men and Women. All of these teams are a part of our West Suffolk Wolves programme, despite players from our County Upper Academy playing up in our U18 Boy’s, Women’s and Men’s teams.

So now the season is in sight, we have to prepare for our first game day and the first step is to attend our team tryouts! More information about this is on our ‘West Suffolk Wolves first ever team trials’ article, so head over there if you’re thinking about attending. We can’t wait to see you all playing again!

wswolvesheadcoach@gmail.com #WOLFPACK

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