Four of the County Upper Alumni plan to return to the States after Covid-19

Four of the County Upper Alumni plan to return to the States after Covid-19

With Covid-19 still lurking, County Upper Alumni currently playing in the USA find themselves in limbo as the 2020 – 2021 season looms. Travelling to and from the States along with next season brings uncertainty for four past County Upper players. Gaining a scholarship and playing basketball in the USA is a dream of many but Covid19 now seems to be putting a slight spoiler on this experience. While Universities in America have said they will be starting either on time or in some cases two weeks earlier, basketball across the US is split as to when and how the season will unfold. Having a split season between October and mid November, then starting back up again in February going through to April is one idea being suggested. Another in California which has one conference postponing the start of their season till January, as well as a suggested month long Christmas break. There is also currently a travel ban to America right now, further complicating the issue.

Jordan Boyd, who left County Upper to play overseas in 2019, will hopefully be travelling back to Madison College in Wisconsin after the lockdown that he is spending in Romford, London. Boyd was very successful this season, contributing minutes in every game, which made his unexpected return to England even more frustrating. Boyd lead his team to the regional semi-final and went 13-16 in the season and 5-9 in their conference!

Featuring Jordan Boyd with the basketball and Bradley Day to his right. Photo credit to the Bury Free Press

Another unexpected return home for alumni Jonathan Bourne, who will also hopefully be travelling back to USA after the pandemic settles down. Back in Jamestown New York, Bourne’s team went 8-17 this season. He contributed greatly, after suffering with a concussion early in the season, but recovered shortly after.

Bradley Day’s season was unfortunately cut short due to covid-19 too, and had to return to Mildenhall, England for lockdown. Hopefully Day will be returning to Des Moines soon to start back up as he left..a Region 11 and ICCAC Champion. Day lead DMACC’s 29-4 result this season and finished ranked 5th in the country. Day is eager to get back out like the rest of the County Upper Alumni.

Finally, Cameron Poolton committed to Midland University in Nebraska, and of course we hope Covid-19 doesn’t affect his transition to the States and his freshman year in 2020-21!

Despite the confusion and disruption, we wish them all the best going forward and hope their college basketball experience won’t be affected!


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