At West Suffolk Wolves we have teams for all ages groups. Starting with our U12 girls and boys, U14 girls and boys, U16 girls and boys, U18 Boys and finally our Senior Men and Women. All of these teams are a part of our West Suffolk Wolves programme, despite players from our County Upper Academy playing up in our U18 Boy’s, Women’s and Men’s teams. Basketball England plan for the season to start regularly despite the troubles last season due to the global pandemic and the season 2019-20 being cut short.

Our Under 12 Boys team who entered into the same conference last season will be playing in the East where they will go head to head with the following teams: East Herts Royals, Bury St Edmunds Bulldogs, Cambridge Cats U12, Braintree Blue Devils, Oaklands College Wolves, Brentwood Fire U11, Milton Keynes Basketball club and Ipswich Basketball. Even though this team has been entered as a mixed team, it will only consist of our U12 boys. Not to mention the local rivalry between the Bury St Edmunds Bulldogs which will be a challenge. As well as Brentwood and Braintree being a tough journey on the road.

Our Under 12 girls have been entered for the first time in the East conference; instead of these girls taking part in the mixed team they will participate separately from the boys. In their conference they will compete against Norfolk Iceni Angels, Oaklands College Wolves, Brentwood Fire, Northamptonshire Titans, Northants Lightning and Ipswich Basketball. Ipswich being the most local rivals and Oaklands probably being the furthest trek.

Next we have our U14 Girls team who have also been entered into the Southeast conference where they will compete with Oaklands College Wolves Department, Northants Lightning, Norfolk Iceni Demons, Bury St Edmunds Bulldogs, Northamptonshire Titans, Cambridge Cats and Braintree Blue Devils. Last season they were entered into this conference and finished with 5 wins and 10 losses, ending up 8th in the conference. Spotting again our local rivals with Burt St Edmunds Bulldogs and to Braintree and Oaklands being tough!

Our U14 boys will play in the East Conference also competing with the teams Southend Scorpions, Essex Rebels Junior Basketball Club, Cambridge Cats, Cambridge Cats Lynx, Brentwood Leopards Black, Northants Basketball Club, Northamptonshire Titians and Brentwood Fire U13. Five of these teams played in the East conference last year. Last year our U14 boys had a really successful season and finished 4th in their conference despite being cut short due to their circumstances with 10 wins and 2 losses. Our U14 boys are going to have to face local territory with Cambridge Cats, as well as the distant travel to Essex for most of the season.

The U16 Girls will face Norfolk Iceni Devils, Northamptonshire Titans, Essex Rebels Junior Basketball Club, Northants Lightning, Sussex Storm, Brighton Cougars, Braintree Blue Devils and Cambridge Cats U16 Girls in the east conference this season. Our U16 Girls finished 4th in their conference last season with 6 wins and 5 losses. Their season was tough due to travel. Games to places like Bristol, Exeter and Wiltshire made their games a lot more challenging! Again Cambridge Cats are the local rivalry for our U16 girls, with the harsh road trip to Brighton!

Our U16 Boys are playing East Herts Royals, Southend Scorpions, Essex Rebells Junior Basketball Club, Essex Rebels 2, North Herts Knights, Cambridge Cats, Luton Basketball Club, West Herts Warriors 2, Brentwood Fire U15 and Cambridge Cats U16 Lynx 1 in the East conference this season. The East conference has six of the same teams as least season including the WSW. These boys finished 4th in their conference last season with 12 wins and 7 losses. The U16 Boys will have to face the harsh journey to Luton and Brentwood, as well as the local rivalry with Cambridge.

Our Division 2 Senior Women’s Team have been entered into the South Conference. This will be the first time WSW have ever entered a Division two Women’s team. They’ll be playing the following teams: Brent Bulls, Brighton Cougars, Cardiff City Women, Coventry Flames, Northamptonshire Titians, Team Birmingham Titans, Team Solent Kestrels 2, University of Hertfordshire Wolves. With the girls being entered into the South conference they’ll have to face some heavy journeys across country, especially to Cardiff!

The U18 Boys are entered into the East conference for this season. They will be going head to head with Cambridge Cats, Braintree Blue Devils, Bedford Thunder, Northamptonshire Titians, Northants Thunder, Brentwood Leopards Black, Brentwood Leopard White, Milton Keynes Basketball Club, North Herts Knights, MK Trojans and Harlow Hawks. Along with our U12 girls team and the Women’s, this team is new this season. The U18 boys will have to face the local Cambridge Cats as well as the distant Milton Keynes.

Finally we have our Division 3 Senior Men who have been entered into the East conference. They will be playing the following teams: Anglia Ruskin University, Barking Abbey Academy 2, Bury St Edmunds Bulldogs, Canterbury Academy Crusaders, Essex Rebels 2, Hemel Storm 2, London Lions 2, London RDF Basketball Academy, UEA Panthers. Last season our Men finished 6th in the East conference with 6 wins and 3 losses. Their season began really well but unfortunately some developed injuries. The Men will be competing head to head with the local rivalries Bury St Edmunds Bulldogs which will be an exciting game, as well as the harsh away games to Canterbury this season!

We Wish all our players the best of luck for next season, and hopefully it all goes according to plan regarding the pandemic. With indoor sessions starting up soon, pre-season is about to get intense! Stay tuned for anymore updates and if you have any questions regarding next season please contact


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