Bringing Bury Together

County Upper Basketball aims to build relationships that will strengthen the quality of life for all ages in Bury St Edmunds through our popularity in basketball.

TOGETHER – By working together with the community we have built a program that is unmatched in bringing value to children from multiple schools. furthermore, our outreach aims to build local business by presenting opportunities of growth through our club.

EVERYONE – To go improve and grow Bury St Edmunds, we hold everyone involved accountable to our standards. From our coaches through the parents, we set a foundation of integrity to build upon a club that has impacted at a national and international level.

ACHIEVES – Our priority is to build the character of our players so that it has an impact on others in their future careers. This leads to establishing the correct relationships as a club that grasp the value of our future generations, making it one of their best experiences as a player.

MORE – There is no telling the impact we as a community can have by planting a seed that will shape the future of generations to come. Our visions includes building a club that plays at the highest level whilst having player play at their highest level at home our abroad.

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